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Sprint 0 +Kaizen @ Rush2Deal

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Couple of weeks back I(@bhabanisahu)  attended a session @ scrum alliance to take a deeper dive at Scrum. I have been an Agile aficionado for years, have practiced in bits and bites in variety of projects , however in a pool of others in a class, it’s always enriching to learn from others challenges and problems!

One of the key ideas of me attending the Scrum Master session was to work with the instructor in brainstorming patterns I can apply immediately in building a fairly complex mobile application (even for the minimum viable product) which I am currently building with @prachisahoo . We conduct focus group sessions  with local businesses every week and collect their feedback on what we present to them as paper prototypes. The requirements from business owners has been shaping our product backlog well.

@prachisahoo and I decided that we’ll practice a blend of Kaizen and Scrum. Here’s how we have been going about it

  • Built a sprint 0 (the “getting started” sprint where you go paper-prototyping and mock screen dev)
  • Set hard targets for app mock-ups before every focus group session
  • Collect feedback on the screen mockups. We have a mobile app, so we show the customer how the app will be like. We get feedbacks on screen look and feel, feature changes and apply Kaizen to continually make improvements on the mock-ups
  • Every improvement on the above is driven by the fact that we have to get the MVP(minimum viable product) out in the market , so determine which of the enhancements follow the MVP path and which ones can immediately get back into product backlog and be prioritized


  • Customers get a feel of the application early on
  • We can drop features and prioritize to build the right “thin slice”
  • We get to continually improve our app prototype
  • This is one way to show the customers the real “momentum” that’s building inside your venture. Makes them feel that your time lines are tangible

In the end , there is no hard ground on what must be the exact methodology. We believe it’s “whatever works”. If you are a startup building an app the lean way,  what has been your practice?

Will love to hear back!