Social graph powering the democratic nature of the web

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Boy…I am obsessed with the +1 button or what?

Let me state the obvious before we go further . For almost a decade page rank has reigned supremacy over the web. But notice the metamorphosis . Since Facebook launched it’s like and recommend buttons, the game has changed quite a bit. Here’s an example:

I search for the movie hangover and page rank takes me to the thehangover movie site. Using the democratic nature of the web as Google defines it. But, is that what i just wanted? No…as a netizen, I am more interested in the data that has been churned out of the social interactions on the content. e.g  what were the likes and dislikes around the content, the snoopy scoops, the consumer ratings et al.

If anyone ever comes up with a search engine empowered by social graph, it will probably include the content that’s most consumed via recommendations and likes. e.g a search on edie bauer may have a link to a specific design or item than the edie bauer website.  Which probably makes more sense to an end user. The term SEO will mean how you can probably make more people like your stuff than just surf ’em. That’ll probably be a powerful democratic nature of the web where content’s position in the search result are more based on interactions and true appreciations than usage.

In the above context, it’ll be interesting to see how well netizens get accustomed to +1 button so that google can index consumer likes and dislikes and create a composite of pagerank and a quasi “social-graph”.

+1 will be powerful for google search!


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